Photography: Rules of subject and object

what is a photography brief

Photography is not only just click a trigger and done. It is an art of shaping the moment in memory and unforgettable. There are so many things which is used in photography and is one of the best media to do so. We are very much professional about the angles, ISO, background, shadow, light, sun, view, and posture.

As long as we move into the depth we have a lot more places, location, and sites to click the real-time moment. Now let’s talk about the looks dressing hairstyle etc.

The dress is one of the most important parts of your looks because if the dress suits you 30 percent work already done after that hairstyle which must be according to the face someone looking good in straight hairs others are in curly hairs and many more

Rules of subject and object while clicking the photographs ;

1.  Rule of third

Use of horizontal and vertical lines to click the awesome photograph. the subject is in the center is not always necessary. These lines make nine rectangle boxes which defined the overall photograph and it easy to know the subject is in the center or left or right to set an angle for the incredible shot and click click click…..

2.  Don’t  cut edges

Most important and useful aspect while clicking a photograph that subject is not cut from any of the sides it degrades the value of photography. When you are about to click make sure subject perspective to object is always covered into the region of your portrait.

clickwlick photography

3. Balanced and Symmetrical

Whenever we look into the picture we always drawing a structure in our mind with the straight horizontal vertical and so many lines because our mind works on the symmetry. So it is important to click the balanced photograph which gives all appeal in the picture and cover subject as well as the object.

4. Leading Lines

Leading Lines guide the viewer through an image or it also depict the viewer into the picture.Leading Lines are naturally or made by human. There is not certainty of lines it may be curved, straight, diagonally or any type.Leading Lines play an important role in the image if it is blurred or not clear the image is no longer useful or the image is dead.It can be find in any way like fencing , road stairs street view etc.

5. Depth Of Field

Depth of field is depend on image to image it is also called wide aperture or small aperture if you want to blur the background the aperture should be wide eg (f/1.8) small depth of field and if you want to keep the lawider part of the image the aperture should be narrow and F should be high eg(f/5.2).

6. Frame Into Frame

You always want to click the new way of style and also a new frame to capture the same picture but in a different way of portraying the depth of image. Sometimes you use branches bridge hanging wall doorway etc.


7. Empty Negative space

It is the best way of reducing the noise or clear the picture with the empty space. It gives the viewer to focus the subject. One thing remember in this mode is surrounding of the subject is also equally important as the subject because it heals the image and connect the viewer with the image.

8. Golden Ratio

Golden ratio is somewhere working on the same phenomenon of “rule of third”. The only difference is the ratio (Rule of third – 1:1:1 & Golden Ratio – 1:1:618) .Monalisa is the best example of Golden Ratio. It is spiral structure which ended in the given ration and it is also a fact that human always love this type of pictures.

9.Golden Triangle

Golden triangle is also a part of rule of third but here we are talking about the diagonal structured lines which make the triangle. Image is divided by the diagonal.

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